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JOSH TAYLOR, Solo Artist/Singer-Songwriter and Actor

Josh's music is an original blend of commercial Pop Rock with classical tinges and his unique northern sound is described as being rich with distinctive dark overtones. Alongside promo gigs and acting roles Josh is busy completing his first album, writing, co-writing and collaborating on new material and projects.

FEELING STRONGER, the album will be released later this year. Throughout 2014 Josh is releasing singles and EP's via his indie label Cloud9Records. THINKING OF YOU TONIGHT was released on Valentines. IN MY HEAD (EP) is his latest release, this is available on iTunes, Amazon and all other major music platforms. As summer approaches Josh will be releasing MY DREAM BABY. This will be followed with BACK TO BED in September.

#GirlsOnly, if you would like to feature on the cover of MY DREAM BABY and be involved in the music video, send me a selfie with a message about me and/or my music via my official Facebook or Twitter page. Once I have your photo you will be invited to my secret group x’


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