Feeling Stronger, Josh Taylor the Album


Release Date : February 13, 2015
Format : Digital Download

FEELING STRONGER is Josh’s debut album comprising 10 tracks recorded, produced & mixed whilst still 15. During 2014 he released 6 tracks in various forms including his first co-write BACK TO BED. The album is a collaboration of original work. MY DREAM BABY is a Ron Walton/Billy Curtis co-write, THINKING OF YOU TONIGHT, YOU CAN BE MINE, IN MY HEAD and BITTER PILL are Andrew Beverley/Matthew Humphry co-writes with whom Josh now writes with and the latest tracks released exclusively with the album at just 16 are FEELING STRONGER, JUST YOU WAIT, BREAK US IN TWO, NIGHT TO PARTY all of which are Josh Taylor/Andy Ross co-writes along wth BACK TO BED.

‘You can stream my music on all major platforms and here on my website, but the best way to support me JOSH TAYLOR and to help me fund my next album is to PURCHASE my music; available on iTunes and other digital stores, and to PURCHASE my offical merchandise, introduce me and my music to your friends and to see me perform live at events near you.’

Join me on this crazy journey #JoshsWeirdos